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Find out more about Parapsychologist
Michael Lewis

Find out more about parapsychologist Michael Lewis through his lifetime work towards discovering the paranormal

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About Michael Lewis, Parapsychologist


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After obtaining a BA Hons degree in Latin at Leicester University, Michael went on and embarked on a career in the administration of the Church of England where Michael learnt computing, property and finance.

After this, Michael decided to follow his lifelong interest in the paranormal and became a full-time parapsychologist.

Michael joined the society for Psychical Research (SPR) and later joined the Association for Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP). Michael also followed these associations: British Unidentified Flying Object Research Association (BUFORA) and latterly the former Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS).

Michael is an expert in all things paranormal. Spending countless nights in cold and haunted properties across the country, he has investigated numerous UFO sightings. Crop Circles also hugely interest Michael as they fulfil much of the criteria for scientific study.

In 2006 Michael underwent a series of Near-Death Experiences which allowed him to gather evidence and provided him with proof for his conclusions which in turn, broadened his horizons.

Michael understands that to study and teach phenomenon, the best course of action is to try to experience it his self. Michael studied mediumship at Stansted College, the HQ of the Spiritualists National Union (SNU), with some modest success.

More recently Michael trained as an AngelTherapist™ at Glastonbury under Doreen Virtue and had some amazing experiences which convinced him of the reality of the angelic realms.

Michael is also trained in the field of healing. With experience in Reiki 1 and 2 as well as Angelic Reiki.


In 2013, Michael Lewis published his findings in his book: 'Conclusions of a Parapsychologist: What Paranormal Phenomena Tell Us' where you can find out more about Michael's findings.

Michael Lewis Book

Conclusions of a Parapsychologist: What Paranormal Phenomena Tell Us

To find out more about Michael Lewis's lifetime research, you can purchase his book: Conclusions of a Parapsychologist: What Paranormal Phenomena Tell Us. This book was created to appeal to a wide audience who want to get an insight into paranormal activity. 

The book is written in an easy and readable format to make the world of phenomenon accessible to all.

You can purchase and read more about Michael Lewis's Book here. 

Calm Sea

Conclusions of a Parapsychologist: What Paranormal Phenomena Tell Us: Review

“This is a remarkable book. It is a book which it is not really possible to review sensibly, in a short space as this; one can say little, except that this is a work of rare and magical spiritual insight, and Michael Lewis’s writing rings with truth and authenticity. I am perhaps the wrong person to review a book like this in any case, as one who has been fortunate enough to “beat cancer” using a range of “alternative” (alternative to what, I was tempted to ask at the time!) therapies. The person who helped me was someone who was in touch with the other side, and who was guided in her work by a spirit guide. This was how I learned that the spirit world is all around us, as real as our own, and that there are rare individuals who are permitted to raise a little the veil that divides us from a higher truth. When, as in this case, inspiration is shared, every reader gains.
This is a carefully selected and finely expressed group of closely related, well defined, and chosen concepts, no doubt from a personal experience that is even wider than that which we here are privileged to share. The material is presented in a narrative context and will engage and often astonish the reader.
Michael demonstrates that we are but at the very edge of knowledge and that all we can see is a small corner of the whole. A book like this gives us the chance to lift the veil a little, and glimpse the vast uplands beyond. He has the ability to set down the material clearly and with an attractive writing style, and the prose is as clear as a window-pane.”

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